Senin, 03 Maret 2014

The most popular destinations for Stag and Hen

In recent times , the typical bachelor consisting of a night in the same city in which they live grooms are being replaced by short breaks to enjoy with a big group of them. Or at least that is what ensures a survey by the travel agency group The Fun Plan.

Obviously , the locations vary depending on the gender or age groups . And is that while men prefer party , women samples more interest in beach destinations , and while looking younger party plans that include low price, in excess of 30 appreciate more dining experiences or tasting type of gin and tonics . Want to know what are the most popular destinations? Attentive !
Ibiza and Barcelona

The most visited cities for bachelor parties are Ibiza and Barcelona in summer , while Madrid and Salamanca are chosen for the rest of the year. The first noted for its sunsets and chill -out atmosphere, mingle with the disco room nights. Meanwhile , Barcelona is the best option for groups seeking a cosmopolitan atmosphere , which may alternate with sophisticated activities beach and party events .

Salamanca , Madrid and the rest of Spain

The university environment is a safe start Salamanca goodbyes focused on fun, besides proposing rural activities , while Madrid combines all types of environments and style, modern designs and more traditional .

Regardless of the destination, these trips can not miss a party at a nightclub or an activity day . In the central and southern part of the peninsula is much lead the conference with heifers or outdoor experiences while on the coast boat parties dominate in summer.

In Europe, the most popular destinations are the decadent Lisbon , Amsterdam dynamics and the eternal Rome. Group travel to these cities comprise both cultural and recreational visits .